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"Had the service done for deep cleaning. Extremely happy with the service. Recommended for houses with small kids."

- Rajni Syam Manohar

"We found that this was helpful to reduce our allergies caused by dust mites. Very good service and highly recommended"


"It was wonderful because my home was extra clean. And Ms. Aliya was very nice and the workers were hard working."

- Natasha Joseph

"Very helpful in cleaning ur household times which u generally can't get cleaned ur mattress sofa etc. Recommend for family for kids and elderly ."

- Hardik Doshi

"Sajid and Javid came our place with Aliya ...... we loved their service. The staff is really very nice and warm and knows their job very well. Very happy with their service. Will surely recommend to others."

- Sangeeta Wadhwa

"The service is good ... people do the cleaning properly. A must try for everyone . Alia was prompt is replying to all queries and was minutely checking the work done by the boys . Thank a ton for the service."

- Sonalika Chakraborty

" Deep cleaning is much useful in places like Dubai where there is a lot of dust in routine and such deep cleaning by ourselves in not possible."

- Seema Bhatia

"I have taken the service for deep cleaning. It is very useful for me"

- Mariamma Aji George

"Very nice! Very warm, friendly and helpful supervisor Ms Aaliya. We are very happy with the services!"

- Vijay Changrani

"It is a very useful wouldn't realise the level of dust until you get the service done."

- Amrita Srivastava

"Due to dust allergy and its very usefull.."

- pravitha

"We did the service for the deep cleaning and really usefull."

- Sajani Bhatia

"Exclellent service and very help full when you have kids"

- Yajnesh Rao

"Useful for cleaning and dust free home"

- Nikita Jain